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Personal Injury
Automobile Accident
Wrongful Death
Workers Compensation
Medical Malpractice
Product Liability
Civil Litigation
Civil Appeals
Foreclosure Defense
Loan Modification
Short Sales
Social Security / Disability
Employment / Labor Law
Management Defense Employment/Labor Law
Civil Rights
Sexual/Ethnic Harassment
Real Estate
Lemon Law/Automobile Dealer Fraud
Entertainment Law
Maritime Law
Catastrophic Injury
Brain Injury
Dog Bite Injury
Slip and Fall Injury
Construction Accidents
Permanent & Total Disability
Domestic Violence/Battery
International Law
Business Transactions
Business Formation
Patents / Trademarks / Copyright Law
International Business Transactions
China – USA Business
Immigration & Nationality Law
EB-5 Investor Visa
Criminal Law
Federal Crimes
Traffic Violations
Criminal Appeals
Family Law
Child Custody
Child Support
Domestic Relations
Juvenile Law
Tax Law
IRS Tax Debt Relief
Estate Planning / Wills / Trusts / Probate
Elder Law
Paternity Law
Gay and Lesbian Rights
Fair Debt Collection Practices
Insurance Law
Insurance Claims
Healthcare Law
Class Action
Nursing Home Neglect/Injury
Legal Malpractice
Construction Law
Landlord / Tenant Disputes
Business / Corporate Litigation
Intellectual Property
Breach of Contract
Chinese Laws
  • Placement is local in 16 cities of your choice
  • Your profile will include your law practice categories (eg. Personal Injury, Criminal Law)
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  • A direct link to your website, and email form direct to your email
  • Your business address
  • Your name and phone number in your profile
  • Business description in both english, and chinese if you prefer. We simply add an in Chinese link to your profile.
  • If there is more than 1 lawyer in a city for a specific legal category, all lawyers will always be available for the search and the order of which lawyer appears 1st, 2nd, etc on the page is a random rotation. For example, if there are 2 Criminal lawyers in Ahaheim, California, and a user of our site searches Criminal Lawyer Anaheim, California, then all Criminal lawyers in Anaheim will always be available for that search, and the order of which lawyer appears 1st or 2nd on the page is a random rotation.
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The annual rate to offer your legal services on in 2 legal categories is $400 (For example, Personal Injury, Family Law), and includes your placement in up to 16 cities of your choice within your state. The annual rate per additional legal category is $50. Here below is a simple chart.

2 legal categories: $400
3 legal categories: $450
4 legal categories: $500
5 legal categories: $550
6 legal categories: $600
etc, etc..

If you prefer to market your services in multiple states, please submit your membership in your primary state. You can later add additional states with our webdesigner.  The annual rate per additional state is $200.

Terms and Conditions:

  • will place your membership on for a 1 year term (365 days).
  • The annual rate to list your services on in 2 legal categories is $400, $50 per year for additional legal categories, and includes your profile in these categories within up to 16 cities of your choice within your state.  Additional state rates are $200 per year.
  • All membership dues will automatically renew at the above schedule upon expiration unless you notify  in writing to cancel before expiration.
  • To cancel any membership renewal before expiration, simply email to and include a letter of cancellation.  Cancellation letters of membership must include your name, and state. will reply to your email in writing confirming your membership will not renew.
  • All membership sales are final.
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