The Chinese community in the United States is now over 3.8 million people strong and growing. This creates a tremendous opportunity for lawyers who are able to serve this niche market. If you are among the lawyers looking to create a business plan to serve this emerging market, you already realize that the time to act is NOW.

Today’s high-tech fast paced world is extremely competitive. Members of the Chinese community are reaching out to their culture and heritage to cater to the exploding number of Chinese living in the United States.

The Internet is clearly the preferred medium of communication when targeting Chinese Americans. Chinese Americans are heavy daily users of the internet with over 70% being online on a typical day.

Chinese American buying power increased 7% from $718 billion to $770 billion in 2014 and continues to rise. It is expected to reach $1 trillion by year 2018. It is estimated that over 62% of Chinese Americans are making purchasing decisions online. helps Chinese individuals, families, and businesses locate Chinese Lawyers and Chinese Speaking Lawyers in their city. We are proud of our mission to help the Chinese community worldwide.

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